Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ur in Me Commentz Makin' Me LOLz

Standing Still ~ "I've heard that sometimes mothers have to turn tricks in order to bring home extra assloads of money for the required costumes? True or false?"

Apathy Lounge ~ "Unbelievably left ovary just exploded"

Backpacking dad ~ "Is that what "farklepants" is? Ass-crack sweat-revealing pants?"

Backpacking Dad ~ "Sometimes guys don't play video games because they are more fun or interesting than the rest of their lives: they play them because they are discrete little controllable universes that contain goals that can be accomplished and are accompanied by quick, simple recognition and reward.

But sometimes they do play them because they are more interesting or fun, in the way a book might be. And one sure fire way to be more interesting than a book or video game is the sneak-attack blowjob.

Yes indeed."

Stephanie (Bad Mom) ~ "I cannot believe my husband has not yet commented on this post. Perhaps he is still out cold with all of your sex advice.

He's not allowed to meet you, you know that right?" ~ "Did your daughter stand up and shout, "Kegger at my house!" after the ceremony?"

daalelli ~ "those were great - GREAT IN A CAN!"

mommytime ~ "I have not laughed so hard since my Son BLASTED A BEAR with his bare hands...and now I know what he was drinking beforehand. Awesome."

Hippo brigade ~ "mmm, tasty."

Dorothy ~ "I wish I was able to have a boob in my armpit"

Nicole ~ "Dorothy and I just checked for cleavage wrinkles but all we found were oreo crumbs"

Colleen ~ "Justin just missed out on getting a beat-down. Thank goodness for his disclaimer at the end. He failed to mention that the reason it seems I have so many bras is because his youngest child sucked all the breast tissue out of them and now I have to replace all my bitty B bras with nearly-non-existent A's. It's torturous and upsetting, so I try on the bras in the privacy of my own home because I refuse to cry like that in public.
and I've never had a boob fall into my armpit. Ever. Even when they were C's because then they were like stiff little milk torpedoes."

Undomesticdiva ~ "I think the urge to beat the shit out of each other is all in the chromosones because my 3 year old frequently asks house guests "Wanna see my awesome moves?" and then follows that up with a kick to their shin and a loud "Hi-yaaaaa!" Only to be finish with a dusting off with his hands saying, "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!"

I'm pretty sure I did not nurture that. It's nature."

Madame Queen ~ "OMG I got talked into going to one of those toy parties once. The worst part was the games we had to play. We actually had to put a piece of paper on top of our head and draw a penis. Seriously.

I did get some kind of fun gummy penises out of it, though."

Greta ~ "I go to none of those. Didn't you know it's all about cult recruitment? Just like scientology. OMG, I bet Katie Holmes totally got invited to a Tastefully Simple party first!!!!"

Stu ~ "Still laughing about the dildo on your dashboard. I am picturing you at a stoplight, you and the person next to you lock eyes, they see your giant dashboard wang and they have a Virgin Mary..."


dkuroiwa said...

It seems that I'm the first one here, I might not actually be but...So, I'm a bit confused....IS it okay to comment...on the comments?
You, my dear, crack me up and I do believe that you have some of the funniest/most twisted commenters of any blog I read!! Ya got yosef some funny shizzz going on here!!
and that's why i keep a'comin' back!!

Threeundertwo said...

This is why it takes me so long to read through blogs. It's not just that you're funny - I have to read all the comments too. My husband doesn't get that. He thinks this whole blog thing wastes a lot of my time. Silly man.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I laughed the first time I read Standing Still's and I'm laughing again.

ALF said...

Why does Dorothy want a boob in her armpit???

Mr. Farklepants said...

ALF said... "Why does Dorothy want a boob in her armpit???"

The same reason a man would want to trip over his own penis.

katydidnot said...

oh, i'm an idiot. i had the suction cup dildo pictured entirely differently. i didn't get that it was like the virgin mary bobble head or something. my mind was in the gutter and it was suction cupped somewhere under the steering wheel facing, um, not toward the roof of the car, but another direction.

Colleen said...

I made the cut! SCORE!

Though now will be the huge letdown because nothing clever is coming to my sleep-deprived, rhinoviruses, wine-addled brain.

Backpacking Dad said...

Clearly my best material is used on your blog instead of my own.

Karen said...

Your comments are just as good as reading your blog. Maybe I need better friends.

Greta said...

Awwwe. Thanks for the linky-poo. It IS like a cult.

Jozet at Halushki said...


These are great!

JCK said...

You win the Best Comments Prize! Hands down. Not down your pants. Family Friendly blog talk and all.

1blueshi1 said...

Definitely LOL. And I like the comment where she pictured the dashboard wang, ah, facing a DIFFERENT direction. I know that's just how you want the internet to think of you, Tootsie, just driving along.....hehehe.

Minnesota Matron said...

The ovary one popped mine!