Friday, April 23, 2010

April Showers Bring BOSSY

Bossy was in town for her (No)Book Tour to promote the book she didn't write. And thanks be to Bossy for driving cross country to bring people together! Several bloggers, of the mommy variety and otherwise, gathered at a little restaurant in Encino to get to know each other outside of our respective blogs. Due to babysitting snafus and a softball practice we did not attend, I arrived about an hour late with Girl-Child in tow, and happy to see many familiar faces from Bossy's Excellent Road Trip two years ago.

(And here would be the picture to, you know, represent (**pounds fist to chest and gives peace sign to the sky**), if someone had bothered to pull her camera out of her bag even just once during the evening, but she didn't because she figured Bossy would take plenty and then someone could just link to Bossy because her pictures are better anyway)

Once we all had our fill of appetizers, Bossy had us go around the table and tell a little something about what makes us, us. Or perhaps tell something surprising about ourselves that we wouldn't know about the other just from reading blogs. PRESSURE!

Aunt Snow from Doves Today took the lead and holymotherofgod she was a hard act to follow. I mean, it's not like I'd ever up and joined the circus -and no I'm not kidding THAT is what we had to follow and WHO LET HER GO FIRST? That's no opening act! That's the main attraction! And since I was so busy being engrossed in her anecdote, and that of Smacksy who was next, I didn't have anything prepared to say about myself. Now, of course, with several days to think about it, I've come up with ...well I still haven't. I tripped over my words and wondered if I got even half of a story out. I started off talking about how I grew up in a small town suburb of Los Angeles and then somehow ended up telling about how I met my husband and then I felt like I'd been talking for too long and then just kind of brought the whole thing to a screeching halt. Then the next guest started speaking and I'm sitting there going, wtf, Tootsie? Did you say ANYTHING? Certainly not anything surprising about myself or anything anyone who reads my blog wouldn't already know. I think it's safe to say that I can scratch "writing my memoirs" off my list of things to accomplish before I bite the dust.


dkuroiwa said...

I love that you all could meet up with Bossy again...I do so love living vicariously through her and everyone else. I feel like I know most of time, I hope to be 'not so flat' really there, next time!!
Great looked mahvelous!!

smalltownmom said...

I can't believe NONE OF US took any pictures! It was great to meet you!

Jason, as himself said...

I think what you had to say was plenty interesting, you silly little Tootsie Farklepants. But you're right about Glennis being a hard act to follow! Who actually joins the circus, anyway? And then goes on to be an exceptionally well adjusted and talented and productive individual?
I love that woman. You're not so bad yourself.

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

You rock hard and were fascinating, circus or no.
(Still trying to figure out what karma payback I was into that I was made to follow Glennis' amazing situation!)

Lovely yo meet you.

BOSSY said...

You fabulous thing, you, so fun?

BOSSY said...

Meant "so fun!" - yeah, no question mark.

Saucy said...

But Tootsie got to meet Bossy again... and Saucy hasn't even met her once. *sigh*, I'd have been tongue-tied too.

But if asked what makes me me, I'd have to say the mere fact that my nose is crafted from part of my ear makes me different than anyone in the room. 'nuf said. No matter what, I always have that tidbit to go to in a pinch.

Deb said...

Your photos on Bossy's page are beautiful! It's fun to check out the meet and greets and see photos of folks and recognize them from the world of blog!

Thanks for the heads up- I get to meet up with the Bossy Posse next week- I better start thinking about my story!
Thnks for sharing! Enjoy
your site!

Burgh Baby said...

Next time your line should be, "I write really funny stuff on my blog, but I'm careful to only do it once per month or so because I like to create low expectations and then wow people with my funn-eh-ness."