Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Trip Despite Traveling Woes

During our one hour layover in Cleveland on our way to Richmond from Los Angeles [we flew back through Houston so get your map of the United States out now to pinpoint our hopscotch across this great nation] I texted my sister to sing the praises of Continental Airlines. Check in was a snap and we left on time. We each had our own television screens with Direct TV and at least fifty channels to choose from for only a six dollar swipe of the debit card per seat that made the four hour flight seem like two, I told her. Before I knew it, it was time to board our flight for the quick jaunt to Richmond. My brother and family were waiting for us and after a joyful and tearful reunion, we headed to baggage claim.

And there is where the feeling of dread washed over me. The baggage carriage was at a stand still. Beside it, a few token unclaimed suitcases; none of which were mine. And a uniformed airport official. In his southern drawl he informed me, if it ain't here it ain't makin' it tonight.

Well, damn. I've only had my luggage lost one prior occasion and that was my infamous trip from hell. Where hell equals Florida. It was the trip that whatever could go wrong, did. And at the tail end of that particular trip, I made it home to Los Angeles but my luggage went to Dallas.

Back to our current trip, only this time I'm not alone but with three children. And no luggage. Which apparently didn't make it on the plane back in Los Angeles. [Side note: Dear LAX, I was there two hours early, so, wtf? -end side note] Everything we needed was in our suitcases. The only thing we had in our possession was the backpack we brought on the plane and there wasn't anything in there that was going to help us unless we needed a box of crayons and some Nintendo DSs to brush our teeth with, or wear.

Fortunately, we were staying with family so it wasn't the biggest inconvenience ever. And Continental KNEW where my luggage was and was preparing to deliver it to us the following day. Except that I was wearing jeans. Big whoop, right? Here's the problem. It was about sixty degrees when I left Los Angeles at 7am. And I'm always chilled on the plane.

It was ninety degrees in Richmond, Virginia with about seventy percent humidity. So basically I was in a sauna. Wearing jeans. For two days. And me without my deodorant.

Our first flight back home on Monday was delayed nearly an hour due to thunderstorms in Houston, Texas. I understand that these things cannot be helped. When we finally landed, it was at exactly the precise moment that our connecting flight was to be leaving. Fortunately, the flight was being held, but none of us making that connecting flight to Los Angeles learned this until we'd pulled into the gate. And the gate where our plane awaited was at the furthest point possible from where we presently sat.

The looks from the seated passengers on our connecting flight that had to wait for us said that they were certain I'd flown the plane from Richmond to Houston myself and decided to stop for lunch along the way JUST TO RUIN THEIR DAY.


smalltownmom said...

Is there ever a vacation involving airplanes that resolves happily?

I have my own airplane hell story from yesterday. Almost 2 hours in line for the airline that loses children, to send my son as an "unaccompanied minor" from LAX to Atlanta. He nearly missed the flight. Because of the 2 hours in line. They also told us his luggage might be too late to make the plane. Because we stood in their line for too long.

My word verification is WORRE. Worry? Yah think?

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, I hate lost luggage. My husband went without underwear for two days on a cruise because of lost luggage. Fortunately, there was beer, so he didn't really notice.

Amanda said...

You were in RICHMOND? That's only not that far away!

All my plane stories are horror stories. I don't wish to fly ever again.

ps - Richmond has Targets where they have deodorant ;-) I can't imagine dealing with this humidity in jeans. Yuck!

ella said...

For what they charge....I know, I know.
Traveling with kids is the worst.
they just don't get it. I hope yours were good adn didn't give you any crap!

JoeinVegas said...

Summer vacations - so much fun traveling

JCK said...

But...did you eventually have fun? Once you ditched the jeans and got the deoderant? Or, was it just ain't happin'.

Anonymous said...

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