Friday, October 12, 2007

Old Navy...the Go To Store

There are probably more Old Navy articles of clothing folded, stuffed, and hung in closets and dresser drawers of my house than from any other store. I almost always find something there that pulls together that perfect outfit. For myself and the kids. I do have those days where I mosey in there and leave defeated and empty handed...finding absolutely nothing and wondering "what were they thinking with THAT?". Then there are days like today where I have to decide which items to keep and which to begrudgingly put back on the rack. Old Navy was having an amazing clearance sale today, I spent less than $80 and SCORED!! I bought 11 items including tops for myself and dresses for my daughter...some of these pieces were marked as low as $3.97 (for my stuff not the kid!). You read that right.

I love Old Navy. What's your "go-to" store?

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