Monday, February 1, 2010

She Didn't Inherit Her Mother's Adrenaline Junkie Gene, That is for Certain

Over the winter break we took a family trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. What with it being a stones throw from our house and about a third of the total cost as that of Disneyland, it is fun and affordable way to spend an adrenaline filled day with the family. [Editor's note and cost saving tip: If you don't already have a season pass which is only $54.99 dollars or don't plan to go often enough for that to pay for itself, buy your admission tickets online for only $29.99 instead of the $54.99 that they would charge at the park. Also? Disneyland doesn't offer an online deal for single park-one day passes NOR do they offer an option to buy one PERIOD online. You would have to wait in line at the park to purchase your tickets].

While our boys love the rush that roller coasters can bring; Girl-Child is not much for the things that create the illusion of danger. Or one for speed. Or for anything that moves, really, for that matter. She was at least five years old before she would let me put a quarter in one of those little wonky rides at the mall. And even then she would grip the contraption for dear life with an expression of total fear plastered across her face. It wasn't until she was six before she went anywhere near the merry-go-round. So imagine our surprise when we were able to talk her into riding The Gold Rusher [one of the more seemingly harmless rides and an excellent choice for one's first roller coaster] with Mr. Farklepants. And it wasn't until it was our turn to board the train that she worked up the courage to take a ride with dad. Would you like to see how that went? A girl's first roller coaster ride: A pictorial:

"I can do this! I'm here with my daddy...he said it doesn't go really fast. I trust my daddy. My daddy will save me!"

"Wait a minute...WTF?!?"

"Daddy, YOU lied to me"

This is more her speed.

Clearly, nothing like her mother (an oldie but a goodie from last summer):

**photos from Mr. Farklepants and his bitchen mistress, the Canon 5D Mark II


Unknown said...

AHAHA she looked just like how i felt my first ride on a rollercoaster - and I was about her age too...the tracks were so rickety...

but she'll soon grow to love the rush, I suspect :)


Anonymous said...

Oh man, my stomach is still lurching from watching that. HOW COULD YOU? I'm with your daughter--happy on the Merry Go Round.

calicobebop said...

I coaxed my (then) five-year-old onto the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg last summer. Needless to say she is traumatized and won't go near another roller coaster for as long as she lives. But the swings - now, she'll ride those all day long!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Aye, yi, yi. If only my child were a little more like this. She wants to bungee, zip and ride the wildest stuff. I have to close my eyes sometimes.

S said...

LOL! She's like my younger son. He goes to the amusement park... and eats. That's pretty much it.