Thursday, September 20, 2007

Muffin Top is a Big "Not"

Remember in your teens and twenties you could just about eat anything you wanted combined with some lazy exercise, if at all, and you looked fantastic? Okay, me neither. But I didn't have to exert anywhere near the amount of thought and energy that went into my diet/exercise regime then that I must do now. Now your thirties have rolled around and suddenly there's this little "bloop" rolling over the tops of your pants; even the stretchy ones. Not necessarily a big "bloop", but a "bloop" nonetheless. This "bloop", more commonly known as "muffin top" is a bitch to get rid of...along the same lines of eradicating cellulite.

I watch my diet pretty carefully and my snail paced metabolism has forced me to keep up a moderate exercise program and still this little bastard sits at the top of my hips. Or at least it did. How did I rid myself of this barnacle? I eliminated as much refined sugar from my diet as possible. The major culprit of said sugar? Regular soda pop. That's all that can is...a heaping dose of sugar; multiplied by 3 because that's about how many I was drinking in a day. By switching to diet soft drinks (yes, I know, diet isn't good for you either but neither of them are) I shed 5 pounds in less than 3 weeks and have got my "bloop" under control. Also take the time to read the nutrition labels on the packages of food you purchase. Yogurt (even the low fat) is a huge offender! I was shocked! Good ol' fashioned milk is another.

Read and purchase wisely; oh, and you still have to exercise, and you won't have to hide the tops of your jeans with baggy, loose fitting tops. I know those are "in" right now but eventually they won't be, and every once in a while a girl likes to wear a snug top which is always in fashion.

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