Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Plagued By Oily Skin?

Do you find that 2 hours after you've meticulously applied your makeup that you now have enough oil on your face to grease a car engine? It's more than likely not your choice of foundation but the products you're using to clean your face. The product you're using to rid your face of oil is probably too drying, and causing your skin to over produce it's natural moisturizer. I found that by eliminating such products as toner, my skin is significantly less "greasy" as the day goes on.

Here's a tip to try. It may sound assbackwards, but here goes: If you have oily skin, try using products for normal to dry skin. Normal to dry skin, you ask? Yes. Exactly. This should cause your pores to produce less oil. Just a tip; give 'er a go! And remember, a dewy look is what you're going for, but oily/greasy does not equal dewy.

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