Friday, September 21, 2007

Worthwhile Investments

Looking better than good will require shelling out some amount of money, although it doesn't have to be a great deal of dough. Other than visiting a professional for your hair maintenance (i.e. color and cut, no one should be trying this on their own at home), which I hope you all are doing...two wise investments that should be penciled in to every woman's monthly planner are 1) a trip to an esthetician for eyebrow styling; this will do wonders for your face, and 2) a pedicure because, let's face it, feet are ugly and need all the help they can get! Both services will run about $20 each plus a tip. Professional attention to your brows will widen your eyes, brighten your face, and give you a polished look. If you're a frequent flip-flop wearer, such as myself, give your toesies and footsies a little TLC. Pedicures help a bad case of the FUGLY's.

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