Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Show of Hands

While women in their 30's are starting to notice permanent laugh lines, beginnings of crow's feet, and the skin under their chin becoming less elastic than it once was; and taking the necessary steps to turn back time, or at the very least and more likely realistic case, make time stand still...their hands are being grossly neglected. Your hands are one of the first places that signs of aging occur. Think about it: they're often exposed to the elements/climate, they get a little too much sun, and they're constantly being used. I didn't really make this connection until I took conscious notice of my younger sister's hands...they're young and flawless. They haven't weathered life yet.

Moisturize your hands as often as possible throughout the day and at night, after slathering your face and neck in anti-wrinkle cream, use the excess on your hands instead of wiping it on a tissue. And wear sunscreen on them daily! Yes, you may only be going to the office but you may leave for lunch and sit outside...and you have to drive there with the sun beating down on your steering wheel. Fight it! Arm your hands with moisture and protection!


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