Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Post That May Cure Your Insomnia

I was tagged with a meme by Allison from The Rabbit Hole for thirteen uninteresting things about me. Let me wow you with some humdrum.

  1. My favorite burger joint is Jimmy Deans. Not really for their burgers, although good, but for their fountain soda because it's served over CRUSHED ICE.
  2. I never learned how to whistle.
  3. I was on the drill team in junior high school. Nowadays known as "dance team".
  4. I designed my own prom dress and my grandmother made it. It was the 80's and everything was very "big hoop" and I was very not. It was very similar to the style of the dress Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch subway skirt scene (see above). Only black with less wind. And less implied sex. My sex is always direct.
  5. I almost drowned in a public pool when I was about 10. My mother had to jump in and rescue me.
  6. I gave my brother a black eye when I threw a backpack containing a Merlin Game at his face.
  7. I craved hamburgers with my last two pregnancies. Not McDonalds, but real hamburgers. Like, man hamburgers.
  8. Nine times out of ten I will order eggs benedict when out to breakfast. Heartland Scramble if we're at Denny's.
  9. I had that dreadful Dorothy Hamill haircut when I was about nine. Was mistaken for a boy more than once. Was also warned by my mother beforehand, more than once.
  10. I own an obscene amount of makeup that I don't wear.
  11. I wanted to name our daughter Madeline, Caroline, or Charlotte. My husband did not. Oh the plans how they change.
  12. I pretty much plan my summer wardrobe around flip-flops.
  13. I'm uncompromising about the no food and drink rule in my car. And also its cleanliness.
I know I'm supposed to tag others but I'm not. So if you all are still hanging in there and wanna, then getter done! Use it for a rainy-writer's-block-day.

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1blueshi1 said...

you know I have a dress VERY SIMILAR to that one on my eBay watchlist right now! hehehe

did you tell your kids about the bird?

Karen said...

Ah, the Dorothy Hamill. I am so grateful that I was never at the height of fashion and never had one.

Anonymous said...

What're you talking about, Willis. I still want a Dorothy about easy to manage! And, I love Eggs Benedict. YUM

Anonymous said...

I thought I looked really, really good in my Dorothy Hamill.

What is it with you and my husband and the car cleanliness thing? I think he loves the clean car more than me. Of course, there's noooo passive aggressive in me when I sneak a food wrapper or two to hide in his car. It gives me such satisfaction to watch him steam and storm his way through my trash!

San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

RE: #6 --
Was the Merlin game OK?
I mean, IT wasn't hurt or anything, right?

I don't know what I'd do if anything had happened to my Merlin. I loved that game with carnal passion.


Penny Ratzlaff said...

Hi. I found you from a link at Random Ramblings.

A lot of women have a fondness for shoes. I don't care about any old shoes. I have an abnormal fondness for flip flops. I'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

Flip flops rock. I too had Dorothy Hamil and no hoop dresses.

stephanie said...

Oh how I love crushed ice. And Merlin.

I had the Dorothy Hamill, too. It made me feel like I could ice skate all the time.

We might be twins if I had more makeup and actually kept my car clean...

Anonymous said...

I rocked the Madonna. Not so much a haircut, but the black lace hairbands and poufed out bangs. I thought I looked stylish but probably just looked like a ho in training.

Glennis said...

OK, here goes, 13 boring things:

1) I know how parking lot equipment and computers work

2) I didn't learn how to drive till I was 25.

3) My hair has never been long enough to put in a ponytail

4) I love macaroni and cheese. All versions. Yes, even Kraft!

5) There is something about shopping at Big Lots that intrigues me.

6) I drive a station wagon. Because my family includes upright bass players.

7) I know how to solder.

8) I totally can't dance.

9) I always make my own salad dressing

10) I got a B.A. at Ohio State with a 2.6 grade point average.

11) I lived in New Jersey.

12) I like Broadway musicals.

13) I once travelled with the circus.

Oh, wait. That last one wasn't supposed to be there.

Jennifer said...

Would you believe I still have my Merlin? And it still works!

Threeundertwo said...

Sorry, but I'm afraid you're a tad bit interesting. Better luck next time.

Jennifer S said...

I'd say you've more than corrected that one tragic hair mistake. I, too, had the Dorothy Hamill. And I've spent the last 30 years making up for it. Well, most of them. There was a long-haired, perm phase in the early 90s. I don't want to talk about it.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Dorothy Hamill hair rocks as do flip flops. OK, flip flops rock more.

Laski said...

#4 and #5 are NOT uninteresting at all . . .

Oh, as for #9, I had that cut, too. Back then, it rocked. But I was no Dorothy Hamill . . .

Oh, and #10 and #12--totally me! I don't get why I have all this make up! And if I told you how many pair of flip flops I own, you'd think I should open my own flip flop shop. Ooooh. The Flip Flop Shop!!!

Anonymous said...

In my very best dream, I'm fabulously wealthy and own an ice maker that only makes CRUSHED ICE.

And #4. You're Molly Ringwald, aren't you?

JCK said...

Would LOVE to see that Prom dress.

Glad to know I'm not the only lame whistler out there. Perhaps we are sisters?

Jason, as himself said...

I also love Jimmy Deans!

I keep wondering when I'm going to run into you at Jimmy Deans or Wal-mart or the grocery store.

Wineplz said...

(1) we want to see the prom pics!!!!! pronto! now!

(2) after seeing Javier Bardem's hair in "No Country for Old Men" I can now understand how little girls with Dorothy Hammill/Dora the Explorer haircuts get confused for boys. Prior to that movie, I just didn't get how that could happen. We would like to see pics of said haircut, too. :)

Allison said...

Love your thirteen things. You and my husband with the flip flops! :)

Madge said...

See's is the best. and the 23rd is my anniversary. that will either give me extreme luck in the drawing or curse me to hell.

Aunt Becky said...

I think I might be in love with you. No, not SERIOUSLY.

Well, maybe a little bit.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'm with you on 3, 7, 19 and 12, but there are raw almonds randomly dropped under my car seats, so no on 13.

Very funny. And, no, I'm not sleepy. Dang it.