Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Week in Comments...

...Are a battle of the sexes! Considering I have relatively few male readers, they are holding their own in the comments and bringing the funny. But, in some ways I'm an old fashioned gal, so ladies first:

Super b's mom: "Last week, a mother WALKED ON THE FIELD to her son, who was having one mutha of a tantrum and held his hand to walk him from first to second base. We were like WTH?!?!"

WTH? indeed. This will be the mother who fills out her adult child's employment application and accompany him to the interview. Then call in sick for him when he's feeling lousy.

Just My Type: "*Little disclaimer here please... We actually live in Wan Biego and this team wasn't actually from Wan Biego...right?! They were "just pretending"? We have our own fair share of parents like this and don't need any extra! My husband (Mr. Crankypants) will enjoy this post."

Yes, they're pretending. No traveling teams for the parks and recs. I mean, we can barely make it to the other side of town in time for the game.

Shania: "Piglet plays tball. Have I mentioned that they're FOUR? I had a grandparent sitting behind me at the last game ask her daughter "so it's ok to clap for all the kids right?" Daughter actually replied "NO! We only clap for our team." Gram told her to quit being an ass and she'd clap for all those little cuties. GO GRAM!"

Seriously? We could have used Gram at today's game. Some supporters of our own team were a little to serious today. And a little too loud.

Bunny Bunster: "Yipes! That dildo has teeth!! (Plus, Stu's comments totally cracked me up!)"

Yeah. Toothless dildos are preferred. Stu cracks me up too (see below).

jennifer (jen on the edge): "I hate Rush. HATE them. The way you describe your loathing is identical to the way I describe mine (intensity of a 1,000 white hot suns). It's the singer's voice. Something about it makes me want to commit murder."

I concur. And felt that your sentiments were worth repeating.

Now for the men:

Stu: "A sharing dildo would be a whole other post, maybe even a different blog. If would be a sad life for a dildo that is afraid of the dark. happy, sad, happy, sad, happy..."

You earn ten points for humanizing a marital aide! Well done, sir!

Mr. Farklepants: "9 out of 10 husbands agree. The part of the budget dedicated to vagina maintenance is money well spent. The tenth will be donating that money to the California Supreme Court."

Swoon. And twenty points to my husband for Rick Rolling my blog, you sly devil.


Shania said...

If I leave a comment on the post about comments will I cause a tear in the time/space continuum? Will my comment about comments be commented on in another "comments that have been commented on" post? Inquiring minds need to know (and apparently, need more sleep as well).

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Rick Rolling? Yet another thing for me to learn about. I don't know how long I can keep this up?!

That Stu is hysterical always.

S said...

damn, you've got EXCELLENT commenters.

pam said...

Oh my God!! I'm peeing my pants in the airport laughing. Thanks Tootsie! And my fellow travelers are jealous because they're wondering why this crazy blond woman is laughing so hard. Thanks Tootsie et all!!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I agree with Shania. These comments that we add here, must then be mega-comments.

BTW & FYI: I mentioned you and your blog in my post today. Hope you're not offended by vampire jokes. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Mr. Farklepants has gotten in on the action.

Now I noticed that I said "If would" instead of "It would". Oh well, I'm sure I'll comment again.


Ann said...

I just want to publicly declare my love for this blog for the use of the word DILDO. Love it. I mean, the use of it - the word, not the actual dildo. Not that I have anything against dildos - I'm just not using one at the moment...oh shut up, self.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Ann: LOL!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I proclaim Mr. Farklepants and Stu the winners. Under what authority do I dare make such a proclamation? Lack of sleep and how much I cracked up compelled me.