Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Life In Google Images

Lulu has one of those "tag your ownself" meme's going on over at her place. It was fun so I did! Tag myself that is. The rules for this meme are (and to quote Lulu herself): "to answer the questions below using only pictures found online (only the first page of results). So here goes…"

1. The age you will be on your next birthday. Dressed as an infant?

2. A place you’d like to visit. Just not anytime soon.

3. Your favorite place. My house. Although this is not my house. I wish it were.

4. Your favorite object. I spend so much time on it that it MUST be!

5. Your favorite food. I am fancy.

6. Your favorite animal. You should fear the llama's mad skilz.

7. Your favorite color. Also my favorite planet.

8. The city in which you were born. Apparently on a studio lot. Am I just a prop?

9. The town in which you live. I live in Postcard.

10. The name of your pet. No, no, not fetus. You're getting warmer!

11. The first name of your love. I'm horrified that this is one of my picture choices.

12. Your nickname/screen name. You can just call me Drag Queen, since we're close.

13. Your middle name. I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation.

14. Your last name. My last name is: Delicious.

15. A bad habit of yours. This needs no *$&#! commentary.

16. Your first job. Sucked large amounts of poop.

17. Your dream job. *sigh*

18. Your current job. I think that says it all.

19. A picture you find hilarious. I'm laughing now!

20. A picture that inspires you. In so many ways.

*all photos from Google images*


Jennifer S said...

You rocked this meme. That squirrel photo may never leave my mind. But neither will my (MY!)George.

OHmommy said...

LOL, great meme. Actually, the BESt meme ever. I am fancy too!

stephanie said...

Absolutely fabulous, I must play too!

My favorites are Joan Jett & your postcard hometown. The one that will give me nightmares: Danny & Leif. I'm so sorry.

Madame Queen said...

I love #18. Hilarious! Of course, #20's not too bad either! Good job!

Karen said...

What a fun meme! I love that you love your house, and I'm still sorry about Paris. We're the same age! How fun is that?!

Burgh Baby said...

Number 18 is going to leave me giggling for HOURS!

Texasholly said...

I loved this meme! What a fun tour. I am totally tagging myself next week...thanks!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Hilarious and creative. Thanks for the smile today.

Minnesota Matron said...

You ARE fancy. Even the house you love says so. I am so loving reading this meme on all my favorite sites. I may have to do it myself -- and I haven't ever responded to a chain letter in my life. Yes, blame me. I broke the chain.

calicobebop said...

I loved this post! I did it myself and credited you - hope you don't mind. It was tons of fun! By the way, the llama is fierce!

Monica said...

Ooh love it, little Toots (not toots like farts - just toots like short for tootsie?). So your squirrel picture reminded me of this picture and I can't publish it on my meme because I have some more sensitive readers, but I have to say - it will make you laugh (and cry, all at the same time.) xo

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm, surf and turf, my favorite.


Anonymous said...

George Clooney is very inspiring.

Paula Lynn Johnson said...

Loved this! Loved the fifties housewife shopping with hat and white gloves! Loved (and was disturbed by) the very macho squirrel!

And I love me some George, yes I do.

JCK said...

This was really fun. What's it like to live in a ...postcard from the edge? My favorite is "current job."

A Mom Two Boys said...

#11 CRACKED. ME. UP. That's funny.

#20 is just awesome. Will you PLEASE stop trying to steal my pretend boyfriend? Sheesh. It's really starting to get old.