Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Food is Finally Gone

*photo by Dorothy Z. Turkey by Tootsie**
Our Thanksgiving dinner was divine despite inadvertently turning the oven off for an hour with the turkey needing hours to go before completion. See, my sis brought these marvelous stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and I decided to let them share oven space with the turkey to heat them up. As it turns out, when I removed the mushrooms from the oven, I, um, turned it off. Habit. You know. About an hour or so later when my timer let me know that it was time to check the bird to see how he was coming along, I approached the stove. Something was just "not right". I could sense that things weren't as they should be. It should be very warm, or hot, in the vicinity of the stove and I should be getting a contact high off the smell of roasting turkey stuffed with dressing. These things were not happening. I looked at the dials on the stove and all of them are in the "off" position. WTF? I opened the oven and it was tepid in there. Crap! Enjoy your mushrooms folks. Dinner will be delayed by an hour. I don't know if it was the foul up (bad pun), but it was probably the juiciest turkey that's ever come out of my kitchen.

It is now Saturday night and I'm officially over all things Thanksgiving. Food-wise, that is. I spent the pre-dawn hours hitting the Black Friday sales with my two bestest buds; my sisters. I'm proud of 'em! They did it. They're teenagers and a part of me totally thought they'd wake up at 3am and say "screw this, that hag is on her own". Then sleep till noon. We all put a good dent in our Christmas shopping lists and were eating breakfast by 9:30am. Not bad considering we spent two hours standing in line at Kohl's just to pay for our stuff. Seriously, we aren't going back there next year. It was one of those situations where we wanted to just throw our shit in a pile and leave, but we'd already been standing in line too long to abandon ship. I hate those dilemmas. We made our move to Target afterwards and were in and out of there with considerably more purchases, in 45 minutes. We're totally going to Target next year.


dorothy said...

I had so much fun shopping with you at 4:30 in the morning!!! We are so doing that every year now. Minus the trip to Kohls. However, we made waiting in line for almost 3 hours so much fun! You practically left the store without any make-up on!

I'm so glad the food is gone. I've been full for 3 days straight.

I think leaving the oven off for an hour while the turkey was cooking is the best thing that could've ever happened to you! Our Thanksgiving dinner was SO delicious! Thank you :D

Tootsie Farklepants said...

You're welcome! And yes, I cried most of my makeup off laughing! Good times...