Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Warm Fuzzies and Steaming Piles of Poo

Making lists on blogs seems to be the thing to do lately. And not to be one to miss jumping on a bandwagon; I mean, I sooo want to fit in! Like me dammit! I thought I'd list my favorite and least favorite things about the holidays. I'll start on a positive note!

Top 10 Things I LOVE About the Holidays:
1. Christmas music in every store. It even makes grocery shopping a pleasant experience.
2. Choosing and decorating the Christmas tree.
3. Shopping. And lots of it!
4. Mall Santas.
5. Holiday parties. Any excuse for a new dress!
6. All night gift wrapping extravaganzas!
7. Taking walks at night to enjoy the lights on everyone's house.
8. A Charlie Brown Christmas
9. Quality family time
10. Baking for Santa on Christmas Eve and the Christmas morning frenzy!

Top 10 Things That Make Me Want to Poop In My Pants:
1. Charity phone solicitors ~ I'll never give to someone who invades my phone line so stop calling me and take me off your list. And if you're going to ask me to open my wallet at least practice saying my name correctly before you call me. duh.
2. Gigantic inflatable lawn ornaments =obnoxious
3. The Salvation Army bell ringer ~ you're annoying. Stop it already.
4. Family drama ~ I won't name names
5. Weight gain and bloating from over indulgence ~ my bad.
6. People who apply for instant credit with a line a mile long behind them at the check out counter. Please take your additional 10% off and shove it up your ass.
7. Christmas decorations and/or music in stores prior to Halloween ~ too eager.
8. My credit card statement ~ ouch.
9. Fruit cake ~ no one likes these
10. January ~ most boring month ever especially now that the Super Bowl is in February. I mean, we don't even have THAT to look forward too anymore. Just a dreary, boring ass month is all.

So, what about you? Likes? Dislikes? Discuss. Or list.

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