Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where Be the Cavalli?

Today was a lunch and shopping trip with a dear old friend. Old as in length of friendship...she's in her mid-thirties. Not so old. After scarfing down half of a crab cake sandwich at The Cheesecake Factory (because really,their portions are ridiculous! The waiter wanted to know if we had room for dessert? Are you kidding? Who does? As a matter of fact if I'm not careful and hiccup, I'll be leaving a little of what I already partially digested behind on the table)...we strutted our stuff over to the H&M store. I was very excited. I'd never been and had heard the most awesomest things! It's HUGE. There is a LOT of stuff. There were a LOT of people! Holy moly. Tres crowded, indeed. I loathe crowds but contained my claustrophobia induced irritation because, hey, there were clothes! This store is great if you're a working woman (as in leave the house to go to work everyday and don't have to wear a uniform). Not so much for those of us who spend our day running errands and cleaning children. Sweaters seem to be H&M's thing. Pants for tall women appeared to be non-existent. For those who love to mix and match; this is YOUR store! You can pair nearly everything in there. Their prices are really low...everything under $100...tons for $20 and $40.

I was really excited about the Roberto Cavalli collection that hit the stores on Friday and was disappointed to see NONE. Of course, then I remembered that the shit was gone in 60 seconds after its debut. I did stock up on some bitchen-assed scarves, a sweater, gloves, and a black corduroy blazer that is going to totally rule with my jeans and boots!


1blueshi1 said...

(((salivates))) I wonder if any of it's available on eBay?

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Good call!

karen, said...

H&M is pleasure and pain at the same time. I love that there's so much selection but can't stand that there's too much stimulus. And ya know, there's been a few times where I've had to fight people to the death to grab that one last sweater/tee/whatever, and it was so not cute. I fight dirrrrrrty.

You really gotta go in with a set game plan.

seachange said...

Will the world fall apart if one doesn't own a Roberto Cavalli item?

I have no idea who he is, never even heard of him until I read this blog entry. I wouldn't know one of his designs from all of the other clothes I see women wearing.

Fighting over clothes in a store may be fun for some people; it's definately not the way I like to shop.

What's more important: your health or being able to say I'm wearing a Roberto Cavalli jacket?

Tootsie Farklepants said...


Yes to lots of selection. Which is why I ended up with so many scarves because I couldn't decide which color to get...I wanted them all!


I wouldn't fight for it either. I'll just wait until there is more and go check it out.

seachange said...


I didn't intend my comment to sound "snooty" or above it all.

I'm one of those women who chooses not to try and keep up with names or fashion trends. I'm also not a fan of shopping.

So I apologize if the "tone" was not so nice.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Not a fan of shopping? Why, that's blasphemy! LOL! jk. I didn't take your comments as snooty, at all.