Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Just Here for the Comments

Mrs. G: You watched the Exorcist when you were eleven? Holy hell, I can't even think about that movie and I was an adult when I saw it. I think this explains a lot of your problems.

Angie: Your post titles slay me because they are TOTALLY not where I think you will be going. Although, I should by now - realize that you are going someplace other than where I think you are going, that is.

moving on...

Is it wrong that I gave my 5 year old a cheap deodorant I had bought for my husband that he never uses because my 5 year old was all, "cool, can I try that?" everytime I used mine and I didn't want him smelling like chai breeze or whatever I smell like that day? So, he is TOTALLY covered on the smelly, sweaty pits thing already. My first awkward encounter will probably come in the form of wet sheets in about 7 or 8 years.

Undomestic Diva: Oh yes, we used Baby Love too. And since it wasn't much of a deoderant, really we just masked the scent of b.o. with a really strong (and boy did it sting on freshly shaven armpits!) baby powder smell.

Kinda the way a public bathroom masks the smell of explosive diarrhea with worse smelling "neutralizing" spray. It's so strong that you feel like you're going to walk out of there smelling like shit & roses.

Mommytime: That is seriously the most insane thing I have ever seen. And I've seen a four year old BLAST A BEAR!

ekbetsy: I didn't hear the "Mommy!" cries, but I liked the rebuke over the loudspeaker. "Hold your wrists please. Yes, YOU, Tootsie Farklepants!"

Jason: Getting married IS the edge of a cliff, I tell ya.

Tootsie, forgive me, but I'm shocked that you were pregnant before you got married.

I wonder what baby Jesus had to say about THAT!

Queen Goob: HOLY SHIT YOU MARRIED MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY!!! Look people, she married Matthew McConaughey. Do tell, is he a good kisser or does he just play one the screen?

Happy Anniversary and I hope you guys had a FABulous weekend!

p.s. what year did you burn that hat?

Greta: Must be amended to include prohibition on ass cleavage. Otherwise, "true dat" {knucke knocks}

Colleen: Tootsie and the Founding Fathers and Nostradamus are like THIS.

HRH: You are my yoda. To work in BOTH betwixt and yaabut in the same post.

*standing back studying you intently*

Is it creeping you out yet?

hulagirlatheart: The day I helped in the church nursery, peeked into a diaper to check it and ran my hand into the poop from hell I knew I was absolutely positively done having babies. I passed my husband the peas.

Greta: Aw sweetie. You're gettin' me all nostalgic for the transvaginal wand.

Her Bad Mother: Not hamsters, heh. But does that mean it's wrong for me to really, really wish that I could keep them on a wheel?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Um . . . transvaginal wand? Would this be a reference to a mechanical device or male-owned device? And is there a sign-up sheet to get one?

Anonymous said...

LOL Cheri...obviously you did not have trouble getting pregnant ;)

Thanks for the link love!

Kristi said...

Wow, you have a crazy, uh, I mean great buncha readers...

JCK said...

You have FABULOUS commenters!

Stacey said...

Okay, I am never reading your blog at work again. I think I'm going to be fired for spitting coffee all over my keyboard. Either that or they just figured out that when it looks like I'm busy typing something I'm actually commenting on blogs.

Wineplz said...

Linky Love 2 posts in a row??? THANKS! I always get some great time I should work with you on this so that I'll have some good posts for folks to see. Don't want to let them down after being an award-winning commenter. :)

(and transvaginal wand? BWAHAHAHAHA!)

Betsy said...

I made Tootie's comment post! I'm so proud. Thank you, thank you . . . oh stop, no really . . . well, okay, if you must bow down, I guess I can deal with it.

Texasholly said...

LOL--you ARE my yoda.
*do you think she noticed that I am 14 days late to this post?*

Anonymous said...