Friday, January 25, 2008

And That's Sports...Back To You Tootsie

My horoscope for today from Yahoo! Astrology: January 25th


If you are too friendly too quickly, people could think you are flirting with them.
(Some of those people would be right. And some of those people would be full of themselves)
You can reconnect with almost anyone today, no matter how much bad blood has come between you in the past. It might not be the easiest thing in the world, but it could pay incredible dividends!
(Proof that therapists write horoscopes to increase couch traffic)

And in other news:

A winter storm shuts down a major artery...where? If you guessed Alaska you would be wrong. This is not far up the road from where I currently sit. And where I sit is in a suburb of Los Angeles. And things are mighty wet. I also am getting no sympathy from you, you, or you, and you. And I completely understand. However, it may interest you to know that according to the pretty boy weather man who flies around in his little helicopter when he's not being a chump and grounded by a marine layer informed us soggy Los Angelians that since January 1st we trump Seattle in rainfall. Whaattt?!?! Double take. As of midnight the record stands at Los Angeles: 3.86" - Seattle: 3.28". While it may rain every damn day in Seattle; it has rained all of 4 days in LA since January 1st. And apparently, a whole damn lot.

Scientific fact #1: Mother Nature hates Southern California
Scientific fact #2: Mother Nature sucks Southern California dry as a bone
Scientific fact #3: Mother Nature gets things nice and flammable
Scientific fact #4: Mother Nature sets Southern California on fire
Scientific fact #5: Mother Nature arrives long after she's sorry her pyrotechnic tendencies left utter devastation and tries to make up for it by dumping excessive amounts of water in the relatively small area.
Scientific fact #6: Mother Nature inadvertently causes mudslides
Scientific fact #7: Malibu disappears by sliding into the Pacific Ocean
Scientific ANOMALY: Median home price in Malibu is $1,148,105

Stay tuned for more breaking news.


Vicky said...

Don't forget that once Mother nature soaks Southern California, she will make the weeds grow and make it nice and green. Then she will once again suck Southern California dry as a bone, then make her a nice tinderbox full of matches and start the whole pyrotechnic show all over.
Mother Nature is a hormonal BIOTCH!

Jen M. said...

More rain than Seattle???? WOW.

We are getting a lot of snow as a result of your rain storms. We'd take you skiing if you lived a little closer!

Groovy Mom said...

Hey, we're both Libras! I don't like our horoscope today.

Madame Queen said...

Gah. I'd kill for some of your rain. I haven't had a good soaking bath in MONTHS! Showers, yes. So don't worry, I don't stink. Much.

JCK said...

Personally, I think we are spoiled rotten with the weather in Southern California. But, I don't want to cross you. Oh yeah, the incredible divide can be crossed today. Or maybe...we need therapy. O.K., I'll speak for myself. Have a great weekend!

HRH said...

The only season you missed was riot season which was my personal favorite when living in S. Cal. The mudslide and fire seasons came in a close second, but who can compete with civil chaos? Please stay away from hillsides!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

As I type this, the rain is taking a break. Which is good because my son had a guitar lesson earlier this evening, and you know, wouldn't want to miss it. :)


BuzzeeDad said...

Hey, I had no idea you were in LA! Funny! I blogged about the little hailstorm we had the other day. I think by the time most people woke up, it had already melted. I even managed to get a pic of it as I left the house at 6am.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You got it right. You are getting ZERO sympathy from me.

Lulu said...

Is it too late for a little sympathy? Because now? I sympathize.