Thursday, January 17, 2008

In All Fairness, There Were 9 Of Us

*photo by Dorothy Z.*
This was our after dinner treats/ breakfast/ eat it whenever you damn well feel like it because anytime is a good time for a donut hole, pile. Disgusting, I know. Looking at it now is bringing on a gall bladder attack. Wanna know the sickest part? We replenished it about 3 times. Restraint? What restraint? I ain't got no stinkin' restraint. I <3 carbs. Speaking of less than three, Karen at the Rocking Pony awarded the following to me:

I admit that in my haste to play blog catch up upon return from my vacation; I missed that she had done so. So, Karen I apologize. And MWAH! Thanks! And, apparently because I suck at blog etiquette, I was supposed to pass along the Best Blogging Buddies Award that Madame Queen had awarded me here:

And I will now pass both awards on to the following peeps:
The Best Blogging Buddy Award goes to: JCK at Motherscribe because of her faithfulness and her linky love. And The Stay at Home Mom Going Quickly Insane for the same reasons, plus? Shoe love.
The I Less Than Three Your Blog goes to: Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor because she's hilarious! And I <3 her blog. Also Burgh Baby's Mom for her hilarity, and last but certainly not least and equally entertaining: The Madame Queen because she's so less than three-able.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Ahh . . . I less than three you, too! I really did miss you while you were gone. If nothing else, you have the ability to make me feel better about the pile of chocolate I just killed. Oops.

Madame Queen said...

Awww(wipes tear)! Thanks! I <3 you, too!

Oh, and don't you know? Calories consumed while on vacation do not count. And those chocolate donuts? Have totally flung a craving on me, as we say here in the south (wipes drool from chin).

Lulu said...

The snacks are really out of control. But I must say, that I love your countertops. Are they wood?

Karen said...

You know that eating junk while out of town makes someone in that state fat, not you.

You deserve that award. I DO love your blog. Your sense of humor just cracks me up.

I'm still miffed that I missed your first day back. Where was I?! But I'm glad you're here now.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Glad to hear the out of town rules for consuming junk food. It doesn't seem to have affected me weight-wise, thankfully, must have been all of the walking.

And yes, the counter tops are wood, but not mine. They do rock, no?