Monday, December 10, 2007

And the Cat's in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

The company holiday party. It will be held on the most inconvenient day of the month. You could have only one important event happening in the whole month of December which means you can be absolutely certain that the holiday party will land smack on that day. Set your watch. Yes. Cue Boy-Child#2's birthday and mass juggling for its celebration. His birthday is on Friday. And because we're such stellar parents, we won't be here. That would be because Mr. Farklepants's company party is scheduled for that evening. He began to explain to his immediate supervisor that this put him in a bit of a pickle, but as Mr. Farkelpants began to stammer "Um, ah, well you see...", the supervisor peered into Mr. Farklepants's soul to facilitate the importance of his being at the party, "at 7:30pm sharp and bring your lovely wife. And wear something casual chic. Merry Christmas!" Mr. Farklepants points out that this scenario is like a sitcom where the husband has a work related event that falls on their child's birthday and the father chooses work. Only in this case, hilarity will not ensue and the moral of the story will not be wrapped up neatly in 30 minutes. Explain the situation to your child; he will understand, you are thinking. Are you kidding? Boy-Child#2 still has difficulty comprehending the birthday party celebration on a weekend when the actual birthday is on a weekday..."But my birthday is on Friday not on Saturday." "I know Honey, but no one would be able to come to your party on Friday so we're having it on Saturday." "But that's not my birthday. No one is coming to my birthday?" "Yes they are Sweetie. At your party on Saturday." "But my birthday is on Friday." "I know Honey. Now excuse me while I go beat my head against this wall for a sec."

The silver lining? New clothes. I have to run out and pick up something "casual chic" so that we will look totally boss. I will drown my angst in retail therapy. It's what I do. Thankyouverymuch.


Madame Queen said...

Try to imagine Bubba's consternation that his party is TWO WHOLE WEEKS away from his actual Birthday. If he asks me one more time when his party is, I'm going to join you in the head banging!!

If you buy something totally awesome -- which you will!-- you must photograph it and share it with the internets. Mmmkay?

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Two weeks!? I'm surprised you've any forehead left at all!

I shall share because I'm all about the sharing!