Friday, December 7, 2007

I've Got a Little Christmas Meme on My Face

I've been tagged by Madame Queen with a Christmas meme! (I wonder if they make a salve for that) As you can imagine; I'm very excited about it. It is my very first ever meme tagging. Madame Queen has done gone and made me a woman. So as not to let her down, I will list my favorite Christmas gift that I received from my childhood, my favorite from my adulthood, and a gift I would like to receive in the future. And then I will tag three of you by leaving you a comment on your blog. Probably something clever like "you're it".

The Gift I Wish I Still Had From My Childhood: A black velvet party dress (I was about 8ish years old) that I had seen in some hoity-toity specialty shop in some fancy-shmancy part of town that we had no business being in; because we could not afford anything in the store. We were poor. I mean, "eat Spam sandwiches for dinner every night" kind of poor. But while my grandmother and mother window shopped I stood by the marvelous dress. I stroked the soft velvet fabric. I fluffed the white crinoline that filled the underneath. I fingered (and I just giggled) the black satin sash with tiny red roses, the poufy white sleeves, and the ruffled collar. It was very poufy. Like 1950's "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus" poufy. I don't know if my mother stole it; or what couch she found two nickels in to rub together. But beg, borrow, or steal this dress was under our tree come Christmas morning. And I wore it every chance I got. Even if that was just to sit on the couch to watch "Charlie's Angels" after school. And I'm pretty sure I looked like one of the Von Trapp kids in it. But I loved it more than anything EVER! I wore out Google on the Internets trying to find some resemblance of this dress. It is NOT TO BE FOUND.

Most Awesomest Gift from Adulthood: This was hard. Because at first I thought "Oh that's easy! That would be the Lexus GX470 that Mr. Farkelpants gave to me in 2004; in a very 'Lexus December to Remember commercial' kind of way!" Except that it was February and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas. But I'm going to brag on him anyway because this IS the most splendiferous gift I've received in my adulthood! I needed a new car. We test drove several. We decided on the Toyota Sequoia. We test drove the Lexus because we get our kicks by wasting car salesmen's time. We are sick like that. We had also refinanced our mortgage at a jaw dropping lower rate at this time. Because we are smart like that. So we went out to dinner to celebrate and afterwards the valet brought my shiny new Lexus around **sheen...sparkle...sparkle***. SURPRISE! And I had what a doctor would describe as an extremely mild myocardial infarction. Which is just a fancy word for "wannabe heart attack". Mr. Farklepants rarely does surprise gifts; but when he does, he does not feck around.

What I'd Like to See Under My Tree in the Future: I would like two tickets to paradise, please. Tahiti to be precise. Since Mr. Farkelpants and I married over 11 years ago, we have never taken a vacation. Together. That didn't involve a family commitment. Or without kids. Unless joining him at a convention in Las Vegas constitutes a "vacation for the two of us". Which, I will tell you right now. It does not.

So now for the hard part. Choosing three people to tag. I mean, I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. I admire all of you but I can only choose three. Those is the rules. So I'm choosing these people for the following reasons:
JCK at Motherscribe : She told me that she thought I was funny then went and linked me on her site. All you have to do is tell me I'm funny or pretty and you can very well have your way with me. I'm so easy. And, she has an affinity for lists!
Melanie at BeanPaste :Because her children are reading their "My First French Book" and that totally kicks that proudful mother's ass in the Hooked on Phonics commercial.
1blueshi1 The Stay at Home Mom Going Quickly Insane : This woman has her holiday party outfit all planned out and ordered a back up outfit just in case she doesn't pull off the first quite the way she'd imagined she would. Any woman who puts that much consideration into clothes is a kindred spirit o'mine.

And to the tagged, as Madame Queen said (and I quote) "Feel free to use the gorgeous "Christmas Past, Present, Future" button that Burgh Baby's Mom created. And then tag three more people."

Getter done!


Madame Queen said...

Oh, I was once in love with a gorgeous pink, dotted Swiss dress. My mom didn't buy it, but she made one very like it for me and I wore it til it was rags.]

GO Mr. Farklepants! What an ingenious way to spring the surprise.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I think every girl needs a dress like that. :)

And Mr. Farklepants can be the bomb.

JCK said...

Go, Tootsie. Those were great stories! I am completely WITH YOU on the vaction with Mr. Farklepants. Well, not WITH Mr. Farklepants, but...with my own man. We haven't vacationed together since our honeymoon 12 years ago. How sad is that!?

Anyway, thanks for tagging me and I will do my utmost to satisfy soon.

Later funny girl. And are good looking, too. Damn you!

1blueshi1 said...

hey girl! I did my tag!