Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Still waiting for the coffee to kick in.

I'm volunteering in Boy-Child#2's 2nd grade classroom today. At least I'm supposed too. Girl-Child is still enjoying Snot-Fest 2007. I'm grappling with the dilemma of sending her off to her morning preschool class; even with the coughing up of both lungs and the constant stream of mucus located between her nose and upper lip. Other children and their parent's scorn be damned! Bite me! Because it is preferable than Boy-Child#2's certain disappointment if I cancel because of her. This is a repeat scenario from a couple of months ago and it sent him into the proverbial dither. I don't want to go all de-ja-vu on his ass. He is just a beaming ray of pride when his Mommy is in attendance. "That's my mommy grading papers!" "That's my mommy tying your shoe!" "That's my mommy stapling shit to the wall!". I also admit that I relish the ego strokes from the hugs and the "Hey! It's Mrs. Farklepants! Woo!" from people of the four foot tall persuasion. I do not discriminate where my ego is concerned. I takes what I can gets. So I hope the preschoolers immune systems brought their game faces today...because I'm totally bringin' it. I usually try my best to be considerate. Sometimes I'm just an asshole.


Madame Queen said...

Did I write this post in my sleep? I swear we are in the same boat. Bubba had his holiday lunch today and guess whose little sister came down with a raging case of croup?! Fortunately, Daddy stayed home with her and I went to the lunch.

I know other people send their kids to school sick, too. How else do my kids get it? I've been out so much recently it's a miracle I still have a job!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

You're lucky daddy was able to stay home. I don't know how you working parents manage! I can't seem to keep my kids well this year. They usually get one cold a piece and maybe a random 24 hour flu, but not this year. Since school started we've been through croup, 2 colds, 2 cases of the flu, and 2 cases of strep. I even said, "thank goodness I don't work because I'm now a full time nurse". LOL!

I totally took her to school today, too.

ALF said...

Sometimes it is just necessary to be an asshole. And the preschoolers need to get it together and learn to fight off disease. I mean, for real.

JCK said...

It's been a bad fall for the snots. Glad you made it to your boy's class! I'm sure he was thrilled.