Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fireside Chats From the Farklepants Family Room

Mr. Farklepants: (seated on comfy soon to be replaced shambles of a couch) "It's cold in here".
Tootsie: "No it's not".
Mr. Farklepants: "I'm cold".
Tootsie: "No you're not".
Mr. Farklepants: "Yes I am! It's freezing in here!" (it went from "cold" to "freezing" clearly the storm system moving through our living room is coming from the north)
Tootsie: "The thermostat reads 70 degrees and if you close your eyes you can hear the waves crashing against the Christmas tree. I think I heard a seagull. I just whiffed some salty air".
Mr. Farklepants: (sheepishly) "Can you get me a long sleeved shirt"?
Tootsie: "There's a sweatshirt on the table in the other room".
Mr. Farklepants: "That's too thick".
Tootsie: "That's too bad".
Girl-Child arrives with pink throw blanket that she has determined her father needs to prevent hypothermia from taking hold.
Mr. Farklepants: "See? She loves me".
Tootsie: "Yes".
Mr. Farklepants: "You don't".
Tootsie: "Yes I do".
Mr. Farklepants: "She loves me more".
Tootsie: "Probably".

We are all about the romance.

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