Sunday, December 16, 2007

Because I'm Stoopid

I do not know what is wrong with me sometimes. I literally get excited about something and just don't think it through. Girl-Child had her dance recital/preschool winter festival yesterday. It is also their biggest fundraiser. One of my contributions - and there were many- was a themed gift basket for the silent auction. I don't know if I've mentioned this before (editor's note: I have) but I'm the least crafty person you'll ever meet. BUT! I had a great idea and I went with it. I took a microwavable popcorn bucket (the corn is in the bottom and ya throw the whole shebang in the microwave), filled it with movie theater sized boxes of various candy, and a gift card for the video store. The theme was "A Night 'In' At The Movies". Cute, huh? I thought so. I tried to go with traditional theater candy: Red Vines, Junior Mints, Snowcaps, Raisinets, and chocolate covered PEANUTS(!?!?). I KNOW, as well as any other mother to small children KNOWS, that in this day and age peanut allergies are running rampant. My daughter's school is a PEANUT FREE ZONE! Aw Crikey! This I KNOW. I also know that there are children in her class that my raffle basket would KILL. It didn't even occur to me as I bought them. Or as I wrapped it all up. Not even when I typed my tag that listed the items included. It hit me, like a thoughtless ton of bricks, as I was sitting in attendance and was greeted by one of the mothers whose daughter I'm trying to KILL with my silent auction raffle basket of DOOM! She and I have had several conversations about the horrors of trick or treating and birthday parties that is her daughter's life. I was sitting there silently hoping that she had not perused the gift basket tables and was aware that the Farklepants family had generously donated this lethal item. Seriously, I might as well have put a pack of cigarettes in the thing, with a lighter, and lit one up as a visual aid for the kiddies, blowing smoke rings in their cherub faces. This is what I get for trying to be cute and crafty. When I do this; I fail. But one of my other contributions was making cupcakes for the bake sale. Which probably made someone break out in a rash. On their face. Because that is just me.

And on a totally unrelated note: We were supposed to go to the amusement park today to celebrate Boy-Child#2's birthday in a right proper way; but because this is the birthday that is not meant to be celebrated in any appropriate fashion whatsoever - the anti-birthday fairies hath dealt him a fever and an infection in both eyes (who am I kidding? It's pink eye). And just to make absolutely sure that I don't go getting any wacky ideas like dragging him out there sick as a dog; they tossed some of the eye dust in my left. Just for good measure.


1blueshi1 said...

urgh, that sounds awful! a friend of mine at work has pinkeye right now and then another woman her daughters have it....I hope we don't get it! talk about some gorgeous Christmas pictures!
hope you are all better soon.

Karen MEG said...

yuck, pink eye. Happy belated bd to your boy, and I think your night at the movies contribution was fairly ingenius, but, yeah, that whole allergy thing really can put a damper on everything! I actually know someone who is allergic to APPLES, I mean, come on!!Keep in mind, though, this comment is coming from the Anti-Martha.
Your blog is great ... came by via Badness Jones, LOVE your blog name. Mind is oh so dull...

Karen said...

It isn't like you intentionally put those peanuts out there with the thought of offing someone. Totally innocent. Hope you're all feeling better soon. Pink eye around here is dreaded as we pass it back and forth between people and dogs for a month before finally finding another family to donate it to.

JCK said...

Oh, GOD, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have a niece who has the peanut allergy and so I have always been hyper-sensitive to the concerns, etc. However, once in a while I do something completely STUPID like the kids ate a peanut butter granola bar on the airplane before we landed to go stay at their house! In the niece's bed. Now THAT was smart.

Your idea really was brilliant. Just imagine it went to an excited family who has no allergies.

As for pink eye...we all pay our dues, baby.

And, I've give you a little linky love over on my blog. Get better, girl!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

There were quite a few bids on it from what I'm assuming are peanut friendly families. I was also happy to see that the final bid was for $20. Which is exactly $1.79 less that what it cost to put it together. It always bothered me when those things would go for significantly less that the cost to make it and then I feel like it would have been better to just give the school the cash up front.