Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Gave Him Just One Task

Christmas. So much careful planning. Delegate one thing and watch it unravel. I have long since finished my shopping. Completed the majority of the wrapping. And like many families around the world; certain members are quite impossible to buy for. In my little world that consists of my husband, my father, and my brother in law. All men who don't need another thing and all are impossible, impossible, and impossible. Between my brother and I, we've supplied our father's entire wardrobe. Mr. Farklepants and I are not exchanging gifts this year; so that is taken care of. And my sister in law provided a list for hubby's bro! A list! He's actually going to get something he wants and needs this Christmas! I can hardly contain myself. Seriously. Here is where I miscalculated in my delegating skillz. I asked Mr. Farklepants to peruse the list, decide the gift, and make the purchase. This task met all of the criteria for someone like my husband to shop.
1. Does not need to remove himself from couch
2. Use laptop that he is never without
3. Look at shit for cars
Laziness. A computer. And macho. I'm not entirely sure how I screwed this up, but it is exactly one week before Christmas and exactly zero gifts have been purchased thus far. Which means that today, I did the perusing and the ordering. Unfortunately there is no physically possible way that the item will make it to my home, get wrapped, and sent to Bro-In-Law in time to be opened Christmas day. Which also? Means I have to call my sister in law to let her know that we are sending him NOTHING when she so thoughtfully provided gift ideas with sufficient time to buy.

I also loathe having anything to do with anything having to do with cars. I can buy exactly what is spelled out in black and white; completely idiot proof, and I will somehow screw it up. Not really. But I'll still be scolded about: "How could you buy item #XBGO-098-34? It should have been #XBGO-098-35! Why are you so incredibly LAME?!?". "I dunno dear. Maybe picking up all of your slack was clouding my judgment." Or something. URGH!!!


Madame Queen said...

My husband bragged the other day "Hey, it's almost Christmas and I haven't bought a single present." I told him that he should be ashamed, not proud, that he made his poor, overworked wife do all that shopping. Men!!

Karen said...

I suffer the same fate. I long ago delegated buying gifts for the guys to my husband. He usually waits until the day after Christmas to get something on clearance. We look like total losers on the Big Day.

And I hear you about car parts. I've blogged about it a few times. UGH.