Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Picked The Wrong Week To Stop Sniffing Glue

Boy-Child#2 and I took a trip over to the clinic this morning to clear up this madness with the sickness once and for all. The diagnosis is a sinus infection which is believed to have brought on the eye infection(s) (yes plural. both eyes) and ear infection(s) (again with the plural). Boy-Child#2 never complained about his ears, but I don't have one of those handy light thingys -technical term- that the doctor uses to look in various orifices in the head-neck area to determine such things. So, what do I know? Nothing. Dr. Doctor prescribed eye drops for the, um, eyes; and the foulest tasting liquid antibiotic known to children. After the first two of the three doses of eye drops he's finally become okay with it, and realizes that it isn't my way of trying to melt his corneas. However, I'm afraid that he'll never become accustomed to the taste of the teaspoon of pure evil that he must endure twice daily. For the next ten days.

I was given my own prescription for the infection that has claimed my left eye. It's really just irritating, itchy, and nasty, than it is hurt-y. What is bothersome to my vanity is that the swelling has reduced the size of my eye significantly than my healthy eye. So, at first glance of my face it looks as if something went horribly wrong in utero. Then, of course, one realizes that this lady has got pink eye which makes anyone stand up and say "ew". So my vanity is all kinds of defeated.

And in the spirit of the giving season; I believe we may have passed this on to my sister who has informed me that she's feeling rather "wrong". I informed her that I wasn't surprised considering my house is a petri dish. From hell.


Madame Queen said...

My right eye won't stop watering and I'm slightly afraid after reading this post. I hope that antibiotic isn't Augmentin. If so, watch out! It can do a doozy on their tummies!

As for your eye, maybe you could get a sequined eye patch. Very Jack Sparrow-ish!

dorothy said...

LOL I thank you for the cold! How ever will I repay you?

But, yeah I'm not surprised either! Oh well. I hope your eye gets better soon and less swollen-y!

Karen said...

I love the description of pink eye. We were at the DR once getting meds for what I knew it was. The doctor opened door, stopped, squatted down to eye level of the kid and said "yep, pink eye." He never actually walked into the room. You could see the horror on his face.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon now that you've got meds. And isn't that nice of you to share? Merry Christmas! I shared strep via my cards this year. All 95 of them.

seachange said...

What a plateful you have! At least it's all BEFORE Christmas and not the day of. :-)

I like the idea of the eye patch! very sexy........

Sorry Boy child had such a downer of a birthday. It will be one of the ones he talks about for YEARS!

ALF said...

Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

madame queen~ It's Biaxin (I think). Does Jack Sparrow come WITH the eye patch? He and I could, you know, share.

Dorothy~ You're welcome :) Just cuz I love you.

Karen~ You're a giver y'are!

Sea~ I'm just waiting for Boy-Child#1 to join the team. I think he's waiting for Christmas. :)

alf~ Thank you!!