Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Don't Think I Said "Comment" Nearly Enough

Let's discuss comments for a moment. And I'm going to say "comments" about six hundred times in this entry. I love receiving comments. I read every comment. I love opening my email and seeing comments waiting to be read! And up until a few weeks ago I was able to manage addressing each one with my own comments in the comments section. Now, comment production on Vintage Thirty has increased by leaps and bounds, of which I am awfully grateful! But it has made it difficult, time wise, for individual acknowledgment AND also be able to visit the author's blog as well. So, if I haven't addressed your comment in the comments section it doesn't mean I haven't read your comment. It means I've visited your blog and most likely left a comment there. And if I didn't, it just means that I meant to get back to visiting your blog when I had ample time to read, and then forgot. Which may have happened once or twice but not much more. So in honor of COMMENT APPRECIATION, every weekend I will pick comments from the previous week that either had questions that needed follow up, were poignant, or caused me to piss myself laughing. Because some of them do that. The comments.

So leave a comment! In the comment section! Comment?


Jennifer H said...

What was this post about?

You've really raised the bar. Once, just once, I want to leave a comment funny enough to make you wet yourself.

But this is not it.

But if you could have seen my son's face last night when I explained the what's-what-and-goes-where particulars of making a baby (he puffed up his cheeks like he was gonna vomit, and fell over on the floor), that might have had the same effect on you.

A Mom Two Boys said...

So...was this about comments or baby making? Cause I'm not sure I totally understand. Maybe they're one and the same.

I think this is the hot button issue for the week and, in the coming days will be addressed on many more blogs. Mine included.

OHmommy said...

Oh man.. you read my mind once again. can we talk on the phone?


ugh! tell me the classy way of responding to comments... i have you on my reader... and it is easy to respond... but i am overwhlemded.... and i have had 3 glases of syrah this eveing.. how do i reposnd to the others?

smalltownmom said...

Well, I've had 3 glasses of Merlot and I can still type a semi-legible comment. I doubt I can make you piss yourself. Just drink some more wine!

Shania said...

So I gather you're wantin' us to leave a comment? Here? In the comment section? Ok, just clearing things up. You were kind of vague. You should work on that.

LaskiGal said...

I'll comment. But I do NOT want you to comment back . . .not here (your blog), not there (my blog), not anywhere (e-mail).

Just read, enjoy, and soak in the goodness that is THE COMMENT.


I AM therefore I blog with NO expectations.

Jason said...

Well, since you're begging. . . my COMMENT is about your previous post. I'm sure this turn off the tv thing at your school wasn't really intended for YOUR family. My school would never make such a request. We would have a turn off your VIDEO GAME week.

JCK said...

Am SO glad the others are confused. Takes the pressure off of me being not so funny tonight.

g said...

comment allez-vous?

-- glennis from topanga

katydidnot said...

dear comment tootsie comment your comment blog comment is comment good.

xo comment

Angie said...

I've had 5 beers and 1 glass of wine tonight. not sure what that has to do with anything except that I feel I have to one up all the 3 glasses of wine comments. I would have had more wine but I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the girls and they are REALLY not known for their wine list. They do have some damn fine beers, though.

Well, you don't have to comment to me for a while, because I am still feeling scarred from the Fraggle Rock/Oz comments last week in your weekly advice column.

Just kidding. You do have to comment again soon.

Does it count as a blog post when you have typed for 4 paragraphs? can I copy this to my blog?


stu said...

I shall do my best.


scrappysue said...

ru my long lost twin? i open MY email every day looking for comments too! i LOVE comments!
here endeth the come and comment at mine!!! lol

Madge said...

file it under blog related stress. and things husbands don't get.

HRH said...

I am little confused, should I leave a comment?

This was really a bonus because I got to read Angie's blog for tomorrow right here.

You are such a trendsetter...first the Ask Tootsie and now we can just come here and blog in your comment section saving everyone else travel time.

Emile said...

I just saw your twitter comment about loving Jim Halpert and I'm totally with you. This may make you jealous but in my dreams last night Jim and I slow danced to "Queen of the Highway" while Pam looked really pissed. It was magical!

Anonymous said...

I have no comment.
Wait...was that the whole point? I was supposed to have a comment? Crap. I...I got nuttin'. So...I'm going back to my original thought...
I have no comment. ;)

dorothy said...

What? Comment?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I was going to comment comment comment something witty but then I read the word TWITTER. You're on twitter? WTF? Why did I not know this? I can't properly stalk you if I am not properly stalking you on all channels. I'm off to try to stalk you more thoroughly.

Oh, and don't ever feel obligated to reciprocate comments with me. I comment where I want to and I don't believe in the guilt thing. Nobody owes anybody anything.

The end.


Cheri said...

I think I've got the point!


Colleen said...

I love comments, too. Can't get enough. Obviously not funny and fantastic enough to scare more comments out of the 20-odd people that regularly read me every day. :( Yes, I'm pouting. No guilt trip yet, though, especially since you started Twitter-stalking me (feel so LOVED!).

I also thought you were substituting "comments" for the word "sex".

jennyonthespot said...

heehee... totally know whatcha mean.

Just My Type said...

Just stumbled across your blog (might have been Classy Chaos) and have enjoyed it immensely! You've tickled me to no end, Tootsie...especially your name. So clever. You are a riot.

I was happy to find a good spot to leave a comment. Thanks for the giggles.