Friday, April 11, 2008

The Post Where I Die From Link Fatigue

Welcome to award central! The very sweet Melissa at Hope for the Hopeless and the oh-so-very classy OHMommy at Classy Chaos are both keen to my love of very shiny things and bestowed this lovely Tiara Wearing Blogger Award upon me! Thank you, ladies!!! And I will wear it proudly while blogging in my pajamas!

I now pass this on to some lovely bloggers:

Burgh Baby's Mom
Mrs. G
Juggling Life
The Madame Queen for when her crown is being polished (like jewelry not like the sausage)

The beautiful and talented (and lover of cowboys) Jennifer H from Thursday Drive thinks my blog is Excellent and sent this award my way (even though this blog is really more of the NC-17 rated variety). Thanks, Jennifer!!

I'd love to throw it right back at her because she's pretty excellent herself, but those ain'ts the rules. So this award goes out to these excellent bloggers:

A Mom Two Boys
June Cleaver Nirvana
Minnesota Matron
The Mom Bomb

Enjoy y'all!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks love. Accessories always make or break an outfit!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Awww..shucks! How sweet.

You're A for Awesome as well as E for Excellent. And B for Blog-er-iffic and C for...well, you get the idea.

Thanks, dahling!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Why thank you so much. You must have noted the slot on my 100 list where I said I love jewelry!

OHmommy said...

Thanks for passing it onto to so many awesome bloggers. I have a couple of new ones to check out.

Tryth be told, I fell in love with your avatar first, and you second. I love stilettos.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Congrats on all the bling! Thanks for passing a little on to me. That crown is way better than the cheap plastic Dora one I've been wearing the past few days.

JCK said...

Good GOD, I've won a CROWN!! Do you know how I've longed for a tiara?! You must, because here you are ...sending me one. I will wear it with pride! I may have to sneak my fishnets on for this one...

Thank you, Tootsie!

Cheri said...

Link fatigue. LOL!

Jennifer H said...

I looked for an award that said Super-Excellent With Great Hair and a Side of Raunch (yes, raunch), but it looks like I'll have to make that one myself. ;-)

You deserve every pixel of these--congratulations!

HRH said...

I am blushing! Thanks so much. Back at ya, even if it ain't the rules...

THE MOM BOMB said...

Oh Golly Gee Whiz!! Thank you, thank you!

Don Mills Diva said...

Congrats Tootsie - you totally deserve those!